Storytelling is a powerful cultural tool. Stories remind us of our past, provide diverse narratives of our present, and allow us to breathe life into our dreams for the future.  For thousands of years, Peshawar has been a melting pot for stories from all across South and Central Asia. Technology can be a powerful medium bridging traditional storytelling with globally-accessible platforms and narratives. Come and hear from international and local-based storytellers who use apps, and multimedia to tell stories and teach you how to do the same.

Design For Good

Good Design can fuel social change. User-centered design has changed lives across diverse fields such as architecture, urban planning, biotechnology, health and sanitation and much, much more! For this theme, we explore new and innovative ways to use technology as a means to user-centered design. It is also an opportunity to understand the rich design culture and how we can use technology to preserve cultural products. Learn from workshops and panels with archaeologists, heritage conservation experts, social scientists and tech entrepreneurs.


At ArtTech Festival, we celebrate innovation – the creation of a new idea or a more effective product. Innovation means thinking out of the box and being solutions oriented. Unleash your creativity and see how different people look at the concept of innovation through tech products and art. Learn from cultural and art entrepreneurs form the fields of fashion, music, art and heritage.